Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thanks Nautica!

There's nothing like the department store dressing rooms to crush one's body image.  I don't even recognize the woman in the mirror anymore!  But  I braved the experience on Monday so that I could get a new swim suit (that made it a double negative).  It had to be done though because I couldn't bear any more pictures like the ones from our trip to Great Wolf Lodge (don't look for them...I didn't post them). Yucki!

But as most women can attest to, swim suit shopping is by far the worst shopping experience to have.  I went with high hopes that I would find one that would flatter my aging body or at least look better than the last one.  It took 4 stores and racks and racks of suits to try. 

I determined that the tankini look isn't working anymore since my middle is so soft.  The elastic cuts me off and adds another roll.  So I went back to my old favorite the swim dress.  They are great because they just skim your sides which even works great for when I lose the roll. Unfortunately, most of them come in Hawaiian floral or black and white.  Don't they know that we want pretty fabric to hide in? 

So finally in the last store I find this cute red and white dress that is just the shape I was looking for.  Isn't it cute?  I was so pleased that I had to share (you might think it odd that I have it hanging on a tree but there's not enough light inside).   Now off to Hilton Head!!

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