Friday, June 24, 2011

Goodbye to Provo and our boys...for now

Our last day was Sunday.   The four of us went to Jacob's new ward for church and got to meet his bishop.  During the Sunday School hour (which became 2 hrs) each of the kids stood and introduced themselves.  They were supposed to take 30 seconds each but of course that's impossible when you want to make an impression.  But I must say that it was thoroughly enjoyable. 

 There was a wide range of responses, personalities and stories.  Several were converts.  Foreign students from Guam, Korea, China, South Africa,  Norway, and Brazil.  Some intros were very moving, some fascinating and several funny ones. One girl gave up her Indian princess crown for school.  Another girl's older sister had a military escort to the river Jordan to be baptized in the spot that Jesus was baptized (cool!).  There was an 18 year-old senior, a 16 yr-old who graduated early from high school, a cheerleader and many athletes and musicians.  One kid admitted that he was lazy and did what he could to not work (interesting....).  A girl admitted that she was fascinated with the human body and how it works.  She warned the kids that if they had an infection or growth that she may ask to touch it and not be alarmed.  We all laughed but I got the giggles and couldn't stop.  I couldn't believe that she admitted that!  Jacob said that normally having 8 kids in his family would make him unique, but that doesn't work in Utah.  Then proceeded to perfectly repeat a quote that Joseph often says to the kids.  We were impressed.  He was listening!  Along with his thought, we were touched by what each person gave as their inspiration.  Many quoted scripture, some their families and others gave stories.  I was totally impressed with their testimonies of important eternal truths. 
I totally failed in taking pictures of all the people we met, the list starts with Jacob's roommates.
One is Zack, a young man from here  in our stake.  The other is a returned
missionary from South Africa, who served in England and is getting married
next month.  Both are very nice young men.
Next neglected picture is of Joseph's friends, Chelsey and James(I didn't take this one).  He's known Chelsey since his freshman year at the Y and James since this last year when he came into Chelsey's life.  They got married on the day that we flew out.  Too bad we missed it!  We also got to meet her mom and sister.

But I didn't forget to take one of Grandma Phillips and Uncle Doug.  We always enjoy going over and visiting.  Grandma is just as chipper as ever!

But I did forget to take a pic of our last visit.  We went to Joseph's brother's house (Rob & Heidi).  All I took were pictures of Joseph giving "life" talks to the boys.  We had a nice visit and were able to give both of the boys
father's blessings.  It is always a special experience and a great comfort.

last minute instructions

They're off, back to Provo.  We'll miss them both!!

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