Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Happy colors"; service opportunities

I haven't shared in a while what I've done in the kitchen.  As a matter of fact, I changed to my "happy colors" at the first of May.  These are the ones I'm drawn to the most when decorating cause they make me feel good.

It took me a couple of days to notice that just "hen" showed from the kitchen sign.  How
appropriate.  We'll just say that  my subconscience  knew what it was doing.  

I started with a big bouquet but find that we can't see eachother at the table.
 I found this "real" fern that I like much better.
The story behind the rooster dishware:  Many years ago, I found some of these dishes (Fitz & Floyd) but couldn't afford many.  So I bought, at different times, a small plate (now in the living room) and a pitcher.  I had them both displayed for a while in my kitchen until one of my children (no names) broke the pitcher.  So sad cause  I really loved the colors and the quality.  Anyway, recently I found this group of 5 dishes (also a cracker bowl not shown) at a consignment store for what it used to cost for one of the small platters.  I usually think about things as I walk through the store, but this time I snatched them right up and have been waiting for the summer months to display them.  I even found the striped bowls at Home Goods to match.  Cool!

I recently found this site through the Church that has a list of service opportunities, enjoy:

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