Thursday, July 7, 2011

family night at Ravenknob

In the middle of scout camp, they have a family night.  Our troop (church troop) meets at the prettiest spot (the chapel) to have a pot luck dinner before the show.  It's right next to a pond that has a cool bridge.
It's funny, we went to see the boys and share in their experience, but we rarely saw them.  They basically said hi then took off to play in the woods.  I think Matthew was glad that we came anyway.

I'm so glad I let Abi wear her boots because there was mud everywhere.
Beautiful girls, beautiful scenery!

Singing the national anthem at the beginning of the show.  Great sight to see!

The "ceremony" part of the show is very solemn and taken very seriously.  There's a lighting of the fires.  The arrival of the indian chiefs. War and peace dances by indians, and a "tap out" of boys and leaders that meet special requirements.  I'm not sure about those details because my boys haven't been interested in doing that.  It can go a little slow at times.  I think the longest part has been the dancing.  Men around a drum chant while the indians dance in a circle (for 3-4 songs).  It gets a little monotonous but thankfully it seemed a little shorter last night.

The indians also danced to honor those who have served in the armed forces.  All in all it's an inspirational show that honors commitment and our country. 

Head lamps required.

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