Sunday, July 3, 2011

half nest syndrome

The girls are back!  Rachel and Bekah were at EFY (Especially for Youth) in Virginia this last week.  They came back full of stories and smiles.  I'm smiling too!  I think I have "shrinking-nest-syndrome".  I really love having all my kids around.  They bring such life to the house. So I think my little "funk" this last couple of weeks has to do with Jacob leaving and the girls being gone.  It's given me a window into the future and although there are days that I look forward to emptying the nest, I truly will miss each of them.  I had to adjust my life as each one came to us, so I guess I'll have to adjust as each one leaves us.

It's gonna be a girl's week cause Matthew and Dad left for scout camp today.
 Matthew's first week long over-niter.  He was so excited, he had his stuff packed 2 days ago.
 I'll be a "half-nester" (4 gone).

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