Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Headed for LA

On my way to LA!
My experience so far:
  • excited/not excited to be traveling alone (love hubby taking care of me).
  •  love airports!
  •  love people watching; guessing where they are going and doing; and forever wondering why women wear sky-high heels when they know that they have to walk down a long concourse and possibly run for a plane.  I'll never figure that one out.
  •  Get on my first plane to discover that there is someone in my seat.  A 20-something couple with a baby claim that they "messed" up the seating by being confused and sitting in the wrong spot.  They asked if I would be willing to sit in the seat behind them.  Okay..I'm flexible.  Then I see part of their reasoning for musical chairs (besides the baby reason).  There is a large woman not only sitting in her seat but part of mine.  Thankfully she had my seat belt available because as a teen I once sat next to a very large man who was on my belt. I was too embarrassed to ask so I just drapped my belt over my lap. 
  • After I sat down, I quickly realized that there was a tired baby behind me and on infant (the 20-something's) in front of me.  Great!  Knowing that I was a little nervous about this trip, I count it as God's tender mercy that they both went to sleep after take off.

  • Love Detroit airport!
  • currently flying over Colorado Springs, Hello!!
  • Half (more, really) way there!

Okay, I was about so post this when my computer ran out of juice and turned off.  Since then, I've arrived in LA and am sitting comfortably in my hotel room.  Here's the rest of the day:
  • sat next to two friendly lawyers, one even gave me her business card (personal injury lawyers always workin).
  • met a pregnant girl (woman) who was flying to meet the people who are going to adopt her baby.  They happen to be two women.....?.....
  • sat next to the window (my favorite)
  • saw the Grand Canyon (cool)
  • survived my first drive in 8 miles of LA traffic.  It wasn't that bad.

Now I'm excited to look at houses tomorrow!

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  1. Noelle, that was a great narative. Good luck with LA and with the traffic. I am in LA right now too and I can totally appreciate your "issues" with your flights.