Friday, August 19, 2011

Neighborhood & High School choices

We were almost done looking at houses when I remembered I was supposed to be taking pictures.  So I'm a little limited.  The first set are of a neighborhood that I'm drawn to. I'm seeing others today and will take pictures (if I remember, of course).
The two pictures on the right are of the backyard of the last house I looked at.  At the end of the grassy(bottom) is a hill (top).  Great view!
This is a school in Torrance  (West Torrance HS) that has good scores (above average), a good band program (they are on the field having band camp), and not so good football.
The Torrance area has one other school ( South Torrance HS) that I wanted to look at but couldn't get close because of construction.
 This is Palos Verdes Peninsula HS that is located in the area that I like.  Their scores are way above average, offer 27 AP classes, multiple foreign languages and even have an equestrian team.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but in the top pic, in the middle they have an outside stage and theater where they have assemblies and such.  They've blocked off the grass to help it grow.  Apparently it was dirt from construction this summer.
There is one other school in this district (no pictures yet) called Palos Verdes HS that scores equally as high as the other.   They are a little smaller, located on the bluff side in a very "richie" neighborhood. We can actually choose which high school we want to attend.
A note to my kids:  Take a look at their websites and give me your "two cents".
Torrance West HS
Torrance South HS
Palos Verdes HS
Palos Verdes Peninsula HS

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