Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's a "good thing"

We have a little tradition at the dinner table.  Usually I ask the kids if anything interesting happened at school that day.  But I found that since we moved to California, there is a plethora of "interesting" things happening that don't really seem to be helping with our transition. So I decided to change the question to "what good did you see or experience today" (because of course, good can always be found).  I think it has helped.

The last couple of days, I've been in need of hearing those good things too.
My pace has slowed since everything is settling down.  Mom left on Monday,
and I've found my thoughts going back to North Carolina, my friends, and my "country" life.
So to remind myself of the good that I see here (yes there is a lot of good), I'm going to 
make a point of including a "good thing" each day.
Today, my good was found in Abi.  She is such a ray of light bouncing here and there.
She can't help but make me smile.

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