Friday, September 2, 2011

Move in day

We're in!!  The moving van finally made it all the way across the US and came to our new house at 9 am.  I would have to say that this was one of the smoothest moves I've ever had.  It seems like something always goes wrong (our move from Colorado to TX was the worst ever) but this time I really don't have any complaints.  Thank Heavens (literally)!
This is our truck driver Daryl who was great.

He had quite the trick backing his truck into our cul-de-sac because our neighbor didn't move his cars like he said he would (twice).  Did I mention that he is a used car salesman that, I think, sells them from the neighborhood?  If you look real close the cars aren't shabby (there's even a Rolls Royce in the mix).  Why he leaves them there is beyond me.
That's our mailbox that Abi's playing with, by the way.
 Here's our new kitchen (love the cabinets and I finally have granite counter tops, woohoo!)

This is the "formal" living room (haven't had one in a while....we'll see how it goes).

This is our family room.  It's waaaaayyy bigger than our one in NC....nice.

Matthew actually was looking forward to a smaller back yard, so he wouldn't have to "run so far".  Well, he certainly got his wish.  Abi was covered in dirt today from playing outside most of the day.
More pictures after we get unpacked.  
We're actually staying one more night in the hotel since there are boxes everywhere.
So tomorrow night, the move-in will be complete, but the move won't be totally
finished until Joseph is here to stay.

Joseph flew in tonight to spend the long weekend with us then will fly back to finish his last week at work.  He is also staying for one more Sunday to finish his work as the Bishop of our NC ward.  We'll sure miss the blessings that came from that calling.  It affected our whole family for good.

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