Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One room down

No boxes!  Well, at least in one room (the kids are done too... least they don't have boxes).  I decided that I couldn't save our room for last (isn't that what parents do?) because Joseph and I were having to climb over mounds of boxes, clothes, and cast offs from other rooms.  Surely we needed one room to go to (especially at the end of the day) that was clear of debris.  My brain seems to function better when things are cleared and clean (explains a lot, huh?)  I thought the kitchen would be my clean room, but we are still trying to fit all our food (food storage) and appliances.  I did get the junk drawer and phone area done yesterday, though!!  Got to have that! 
   Of course now the master bedroom looks like a blank slate.  Hmmmm.....

This is our ever growing pile for charity (yes, that's is all going, minus the children).  You would think that the pile I cleaned out before we left was enough, but no.  There is nothing like a new home to make you realize that you don't need or want all the stuff in your house.

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