Tuesday, November 15, 2011

back to the Bishopric

Joseph has had the blessing of working in the ward bishopric (ecclesiastical leadership for the congregation) first as a counselor for 3 years then recently as Bishop for 4 years. 
 When we moved to CA he was released from that position.  He loves to teach and be with kids, so he was thrilled to be called in our new ward as a permanent sub for Sunday School. 
 He started teaching the 15-16-yr-olds and loved it.
But this last Sunday, it was announced that the bishop was retiring to AZ so a new
bishopric was called.
drum rolllllllllllllllll. . . . . .
After a couple of days, we noticed some bananas growing outside our hotel room.  Oh! So that is what they look like?!

Joseph has been called to be the first counselor.
Both family and friends have been almost apologetic to us about it.  Maybe they
think that it's a burden, or that we're sad we can't sit together in church (he sits on the stand),
or that he should have a longer break from larger responsibilities.
But I'd like to state here and now that we welcome the opportunity to serve.
Sure it will take some of our time, but from our past experience we've  learned that
the Lord fills in the gaps.  He makes us stronger or at least able to carry the load.  And the
funny thing is that it's been more of a blessing than a burden.  Our family is better off because of it.
So, don't feel bad for us.  We are grateful.

Remember that orange dresser?  Well it's almost finished in yellow.

 Here are some pics for the day. 
 Did you guess yesterday's red picture?  They are the tops of kayak paddles.

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