Saturday, November 26, 2011

The perfect day at Disneyland!!

A long time ago, we had promised our kids that we would take them to Disney World, FL.  Of course that was when we lived on the East Coast.  For various reasons, it never happened.  Now that the conditions are right, we can fulfill that promise at the original Disneyland in CA. 
 Yesterday was our perfect opportunity.
It was wonderful!

Princess heaven!

Cinderella is Abby's favorite.  She's Cinderella, I'm Aurora, Sarah's Ariel, Rachel's Belle, Bekah's Snow White, Esther's Jasmine.  It all started a couple of years ago when she was referring me to Ursula (the sea witch, really?)  I quickly corrected her that I was Aurora (my favorite).  Our alter egos have been established ever since.  Ursula has never been mentioned again.

 We got a private meeting with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (after 40 min wait).  They both were very charming.  Flynn even gave the boys "smolder" lessons.

Sword or not, my boys are full of courage and the kings of my heart.

My all time favorite is "It's a Small World". 
 It's the only ride that made an impression on me at 5-yrs-old
 and is even more beautiful and inspiring today.
Esther was panicking about the roller coaster, but was all smiles as we left.
Abby was all smiles going up the kid's roller coaster, but all tears as we left.

No tears here, only funny faces.

The evening brought good food, an awe inspiring fireworks show including a little snow, and some very tired kids.
Although we waited, we loved experiencing it through the eyes of all the different ages.
The phrase we heard several times: "Thanks, this was a perfect day".
I agree.

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