Tuesday, December 6, 2011

dresser, concert, treep

My routine is all out of whack with Christmas preparations and especially since I got sick.  I don't feel like doing anything.  That's why I haven't posted for a couple of days.
But even though I can't breath very well, I'm glad that it isn't worse.

About a month ago I bought a little dresser for Rachel at an antique store. 
Although it needed a paint job, you can't beat its solid wood and deep drawers. 
I finally got around to finishing it in yellow, Rachel's favorite color.
I have headboards to paint but they will have to wait until after Christmas. 
Here's the after, then the before.

Esther had her first concert over the weekend too.  There's not really an auditorium big enough around here so they had it at the local outdoor mall.  It was a quaint idea until we got there and realized that since they were combining grades, there were more parents and family than they had room for.  
So my pictures of Esther were taken standing atop a bench behind the small bleacher seats.
That's all I could see.

Here you can better see that people were everywhere.

We found just the right tree. 
Too bad I'm not feeling up to decorating much
Thankfully my kids are big enough that they can do much of it on their own
Tonight Matthew put on the lights himself and Joseph  and the kids started hanging ornaments.
Abby kept saying, "This is the best Christmas tree ever".

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