Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let the memories begin

I didn't post anything yesterday, cause we were busy enjoying our 
family at Disneyland!  Yes, I know that we just went at Thanksgiving.
But this time we had to share the experience with our visitors, Joseph's sister's family and Lizzie, Rachel and Bekah's friend.
Again, the our day started with a princess theme, but with as many girls as we have between us,
 it was a must, even for the older girls.

 Some lessons learned:  check all possible discount opportunities because 19 people is a lot (discounts for large groups are only available 2 weeks prior to your visit), make reservations way in advance, rent your stroller before going inside, don't go at Christmas time (it's insanely crowded! . . . 
do they have an off-season?), 
and take advantage of the fast pass and single rider passes.
Fast pass is like making an appointment to ride the ride, which really cuts down on waiting time.
But since those will run out at some point, get them early, but also use the single rider passes.
You go to the front of the line and wait til there is an odd seat open.
You may not get to ride with your group, but if everyone is doing single rider,
chances are you will be on the same ride and maybe even sit together.
We got to ride so many more rides by doing that.
Great discovery!! 

Unfortunately Abby got sick all over Dad.  Thankfully, it was at the end of the night and today she's doing fine.  Maybe it was all the excitement and food.  It was pretty miserable for her and Dad after that since they were wet and it was really cold.  So they ended up going home with Uncle Dave and the other young girls.  Me, Tammy and the older kids stayed a little while longer to ride some more rides.  
I love roller coasters!

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