Monday, December 12, 2011

Rachel the lion hearted

Rachel showed that she has a brave heart by wearing this costume
all day at school.  For extra credit she needed to wear it without 
telling anyone what it was for.  
Though the mask didn't last long, she stuck it out all day and earned her points.
Not sure I could have done that when I was her age.  
Very impressive.
Then over the weekend, Joseph and I got to go to Beverly Hills for the Board of Directors Christmas dinner.  Although it's always fun to dress up, it's always awkward schmoozing.
The hotel was gorgeous and the food was delish.
Even though the glitz is appealing, I think I still prefer a party with my family.

It's only a couple of days now before Jacob comes home.
Then next week Joseph and Sarah come. 
There's nothing better than the commotion that comes with having 10 people under one roof.

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