Saturday, February 4, 2012

for me?

Usually, Friday nights are reserved for hubby and me to go on a date.  We've had this 
tradition for as long as I can remember.  I highly recommend it for all marrieds (even if you have little ones).  Anyway, last night he was out of town.  I, instead, looked forward to spending the
evening with the kiddos.  But as we all know, teenagers just can't stay home on Friday nights.
So, both Rachel and Bekah went to the movies with their friends leaving me with the younger kids.  
I tried to give them the "mom guilt" when I complained half sarcastic, that the one time I'm around on a Friday, and they want to leave.
I guess it worked, cause when Rachel came home from school yesterday, she walked in with
a bouquet of tulips and a candy bar for me.
My heart melted!  How sweet!
It made my day.
Then late last night (later than usual for me) I got an email from Joseph saying
how much he missed our date and holding hands.
That made my night.
I'm very blessed.

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