Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Young Women's Birthday idea

Below is something I've been working on for Young Women's.
I wanted to do something for the girls' birthdays that had a connection 
with the organization so that it had meaning to them.
So I chose the 8 values, different fonts and each in their respective colors.
This is my first attempt at "subway" art that seems to be popular right now.
Rachel thought it was cute, but wasn't overly impressed.
Bekah likes it too so I hope the others do as well.

I printed it off on card stock them placed it in an inexpensive frame (to stay in budget)
then applied a sun to the frame to connect to the year's theme of "arise and shine".
Sorry, I forgot to take a picture but will include it another time.
For now, I'm just sharing the free printable.

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