Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I promised the beach

This week is spring break for my kids so there's lots of questions about what special things we can do together.  The beach, of course, is one of the most sought after activities.
I found myself promising that we would eventually go.  But because
we didn't go yesterday, Esther's insistence rose to high anxiety today.
I finally told her that we would all have a dinner picnic at the beach.
When it came time to leave, the teenagers all flaked out on us, 
so me and the younger girls went on our own.

The wind was blowing, so it was really cold.  I think Esther was the only one enjoying it, 
or at least pretending to enjoy it.

I love the shapes water makes when the camera stops it.

I also love being able to see light through it like glass.

1 comment:

  1. Hanging out at the beach is a great leisure time for the kids. With their boundless energy, they play around, run in the sand, and splash in the water, seemingly tireless throughout all the activities! Good thing you managed to keep up with your promise, even though it was a bit delayed.

    -Donna Parsley