Sunday, June 17, 2012

Parties and costumes at the Pelican Hill Resort

I showed you before  pictures of our beautiful room and promised to tell about the weekend's activities.  So even though we were enjoying our surroundings, we were there because of Joseph's job.  That means there were requirements to fulfill.  Joseph had to work part of the time and we had to attend meetings and gatherings, nothing new there.  But. . . we are new to this company, and they do things a little differently here in CA.  Now, as my family will attest to, I complained and moaned about this the whole time leading up to the event.  Never before had we been asked to do anything other than attend and be proffessional.

First off, we had a Mardi Gras night where we were asked to dress colorfully and wear masks (we didn't wear them long, thankfully).  Hmmm...  I looked and looked for purple, green and gold (Mardi Gras colors) but settled for my "party" shirt that I kept in the back of my closet.  It sure fits the colorful requirement!

During the evening, a Grammy award winning song writer (sorry, can't remember his name) performed.  He also had taken information about all the board members and the executive team then wrote a short song about each.  He wrote all of them within a day and a half!  He was amazingly talented.

The following video is the clip about Joseph.

The next night was the most dreaded request, to dress as our favorite celebrity.  Really?!
And to top it off, we would be in public playing speed croquet.
Thankfully the lawn was somewhat secluded.
And, even better, my team "The Nightmares" won!
We got a trophy and a $50 gift card to boot! (It actually turned out to be pretty fun)

From left to right:  golf pro (can't remember his name), Santa, Penelope Cruz, Johnny Depp, Elvis, Monica Luinsky (her husband was Bill Clinton of course), Cher, Kobe Bryant, basketball player with beard (can't remember his name either), Dolly Pardon, and Tom Selleck

And you'll probably recognize Elvis, Ellen Degeneres, Simon Cowell, Santa, Cher and way in the back is Benny Hill.

Since the chairwoman of the committee (Dolly Pardon) is also on the board of directors, we decided, reluctantly, to be good sports and find a costume.   I first started thinking about Carrie Underwood but soon realized that as cute as she is, everything she wears shows either her shoulders or legs.  So Rachel finally suggested Doris Day.  Perfect!  I love her (and she's modest)!  Joseph's co-workers offered him a Led Zeplin costume . . . um. . . no.  His first thought was to be the Lone Ranger, but they didn't have the costurme.  So we tried Zorro.

I went to this fabulous costume store the size of a gymnasium.  Everything was either too huge or too small.  We then decided against Zorro since the costume made Joseph look pregnant plus he wasn't really a celebrity anyway.  Finally he went with Harrison Ford.  For me, I found this cute gingham dress.  Now the Doris I wanted to be was the thin, tiny one, but I was willing to settle for the older rounder version.

Here are some more pictures of our elegant hotel at The Pelican Hill Resort.  They certainly don't due it justice.  So if you want explore it more go here to browse through the gorgeous pictures.
The pool is perfectly round and heated.  Nice.

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