Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July festivities and some cool pictures

Our 4th of July began with our church having a pancake breakfast at a park nearby.  Joseph went early to help cook since he's in the leadership.  Of course we slept til the last possible moment.

 Jacob had a great time playing ultimate Frisbee with the younger boys.  Even though he could out play each of them, I saw him be very generous and helpful.  Joseph is sitting next to "Cheif" (Brother West) who turned 90 on the 4th.
Rachel's friend Brooke came from NC and has been spending the week with us.  For the fireworks (gotta have fireworks), we met our friends the Grasingers at cliff-side field to watch fireworks shot from a barge in the bay.  Behind the barge you can see LA and barely see the hills because of the marine layer (June gloom in July). I don't think I've ever worn a coat in July!  We'll take it cause that means no sweat or mosquitoes.

Following are some cool long exposure pictures I took of our kids and those around us with glow sticks.  The last one is of Esther hoola-hooping several sticks put together.  Cool!

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