Thursday, August 2, 2012

goosebumps, crabs and chicken

A perfect day for the beach!
But with CA water, expect goosebumps.
When I commented on how cold it is, someone pointed out the flip side.
If the water wasn't cold, then we wouldn't have such nice cool breezes coming off the ocean and our regularly pleasant days would be a lot hotter.
Huh, I never thought of that.
I guess we'll just have to get used to shivering cause we don't want to give up this climate.

This is the biggest sand crab I've ever seen!

Today, we took part in supporting free speech by buying Chick-filet for dinner.
I had a doctors appointment, so I sent Jacob.  He said the line was a good 20 yards out the door.
They were all there to support the president of the company, who, when asked his views, supported traditional marriage and disagreed with gay marriage.   
I couldn't believe how hateful people got after that.  The media, politicians, and others said nasty things about the company and even talked about restrictions.
That isn't what America is about!  We have the right to believe what we want and the right to free speech. 
 We also wanted to show our support for the company because of their values.  I've always admired their willingness to buck the system and close on Sundays.  They seem to truly stand by what they believe.

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