Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My iPhone is filling in for my camera

date night

beautiful church in LA

at the dentist

birthday sundae

I love making faces

The kids once referred to my camera as another one of the children.
I hope that's not the case seeing as that I kind of ran over it a couple weeks ago.
We were leaving church at night after a fun Young Women's activity (I'll share what we made another time).  My camera and purse somehow didn't get put in the trunk with the rest of the stuff.  Between multiple conversations and a pack of teenagers, it got forgotton in the shuffle.
I started to back up but felt like something was in the way.
Sure enough . . . it was my camera.
Sad day.
It looks fine but nothing works, so it must of gotten smooshed just enough to get things out of alinement.  So it's in the shop and I'm just using my phone 
(I've even lost the charger for my smaller camera).  

Oh well, at least it wasn't really one of my children.

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