Saturday, November 24, 2012

Family Beach Photos

We normally stick around the house on "Black Friday" so that we don't
get run down in a store isle or get stuck in holiday traffic,
but when family come, it's almost required that we venture out.
We braved the stores (which wasn't as bad as I thought) and found some great deals.
As a matter of fact, the girls wanted every deal they found until I put a cabosh on that.

We got home just in time to get ourselves color coordinated for family pictures.
Although it was sunny at our home on the hill, we descended down into the "marine layer" 
covering the coast and most of the valley.  Since we went through the hassle, we decided to take the shots anyway.  So not all of the photos have been adjusted for the lighting, thus the different shades (still getting to know how my programs work on my mac and I've tried a different program to make the collages--they seem a little blurry).  And for those who noticed that Jacob is in a suit, he wasn't really here, I just wanted to make sure he was in the family collage.  
I actually was trying to photoshop him into the pictures but Dad thought we might be sending the wrong message.  Missionaries aren't allowed at the beach or to go swimming.
He was there in our thoughts though.

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