Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jacob's 1's day in Alabama

This morning we were wakened at 5 am to the wonderful sound of Jacob's voice.
We got to talk to him for a while until the line of missionaries behind him got too long.
His biggest concern was having to share the gospel with people during the flight.
Jacob was a very shy child and although he is no longer shy, he still doesn't
go out of his way to strike up a conversation.
I'm thinking that's going to change a little over the next 2 years.
Jacob's on the far right

Later today, his mission president called me at home and Joseph on his cell to tell us that Jacob had arrived safe.  He informed us that we could see pictures of him on his blog, which is where I got these pictures.  It's so nice to have that extra connection.
Tomorrow, Jacob will be able to email us about his new companion (partner) 
and area they will work in.

On the home front, Abby lost her first tooth.
Yes I know, she is only 5, a little young to loose a tooth.
Between this and all the trouble with cavities,
I'm wondering what else is going to happen to those teeth of hers.
I hope she'll have some when she gets old!

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