Saturday, December 22, 2012

Simple Centerpiece--Young Women made it for the Christmas party

 Something to look forward to every year is our Church Christmas party.
I posted yesterday a couple of pictures of the festivities but today is about some of the
work that was put into it.  In our church everybody contributes.  
This year the Young Men and Young Women (teenagers) were given decorations.
So the Young Men took the walls and the Young Women took the tables.
Even though we have 5 talented women who could do it all, we wanted the girls to take part in the planning and doing.  We also needed to complete it in an hour's time since that is the time allotted to us on Wednesday nights. 
Pinterest to the rescue! 
(Go here to find other holiday ideas on my pin board.  I love the cupcake liner and pine cone trees)

I found these two adorable options for the girls to choose from.
inspiration picture from here
Loved these trees from Making Lemonade.  Click on her link and you'll
find the tutorial
 Although the 3-D trees were my favorite, it's probably wise that the girls chose the cone trees since our time was limited and we needed to do enough trees for 20 tables!

First I bought a couple packs of Christmas scrapbook paper at Michael's.

Next, I searched for a pattern but couldn't find one.  I did find a site where a woman makes a party out of making poster board trees with her friends for Christmas.  They decorate them with fabric and trimmings. Really cute!  The only problem is that she wanted to sell her pattern which was not on my church budget and her trees were too big for our purposes. But I found a site today with a free pattern at The Creativity Exchange. They're not just for Christmas! But for my project I thought, I'm crafty, why not figure it out myself.  After studying the pictures a little, 
this is what I came up with, a string and a pencil.
Geometry,who said we wouldn't ever use high school math?!
Esther is my model.
 I cut enough trees for there to be three different size trees at each table.
It was good that I cut them ahead of time because the stiff scrapbook paper proved difficult for the
Young Women to handle.  It took them a while to figure it out.
We quickly realized that double sided tape wasn't strong enough.
We started stapling the bottom seam then hot glueing the rest of the seam closed.
It was interesting to see that even though I cut all the same shape, when the girls put them together, they all came out different sizes.

Then we arranged three to a table, sprinkles a little snow and a few candy kisses.

We ended up with fewer tables, so our extra trees looked nice on top of the piano.
We even used them in our classroom the next day at church.

What I would change:
1. use fluffy snow instead of the confetti to make the centerpiece fuller
2. I wish we had taken the time to trim the bottom of the trees so they were flat on the table
3.  It would have been really cute if we had put stars on top or even a pom-pom

What I liked:
1.  Simple
2.  Fast
3.  Easy
4. Cheap: $15 for paper, $3 snow, $4 kisses
4.  It made the impact we wanted

This would be a great idea for little kids to do for the family dinner table too.  Give them some trimmings, glitter, glue and whatever else you desire.

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