Tuesday, January 8, 2013

YW 2013 study journal for Stand Ye in Holy Places and logo download

Each year, the Church has a new theme for the Youth to focus on during church activities and through their daily life.  This year's theme is the scripture "Stand ye in holy places, and be not moved, until the day of the Lord come."  D&C 87:8
One of the symbols the church uses to signify a holy place is the temple where sacred saving ordinances are preformed.  But they also are using images of youth.  Through the videos they have produced and materials provided, it is clear that having their own ordinances done in the temple is the goal but it is not the end.  Being temple worthy at all times is paramount.  We each do that by staying clean and obeying the commandments.  As we make right choices we can make our surroundings a holy place.  But standing in holy places starts in our hearts.  

So I had this image in my mind that I actually saw someone else do but I can't find the link anymore.  I decided to make a logo that signified the idea that our heart is the first place we can make holy which in turn can make our surroundings holy and lead us to the temple.  The scripture also entreats us to avoid filth and seek out all that is good. It's such a big concept so the logo doesn't really capture everything the scripture entails, but it's an image that takes an step in that direction.

I then put the logo on $1 notebooks for the girls to use as study journals for class this year.  With the new curriculum, there is a lot of studying and teaching on their part.  So I thought it would be helpful for them to have someplace to write everything down.

I also made sure they had cute colored sharpies to make the note-taking more fun.  
The girls seem to really enjoy them last year when we used them.
They were so excited to get their books.  We used them as I taught, writing down scriptures,
glueing in a quote, and writing down any impressions they might have had.
Then at the end of the lesson they wrote down their study challenge to prepare for next weeks lesson.

I'm including the logo below.  I forgot to save the original so this is the second try.
I made the heart a little bigger.  It's saved in a 4x4 inch format.  It you try to enlarge it, it might 
look pixilated.  I haven't figured out yet how to smooth that out.  Once I do, I'll post it again
so that you can make any size you want.
But for now, here it is.  Just right click then save.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am the Relief Society Secretary and create a monthly calendar. This year we are following the Youth theme "Stand Ye in Holy Places" so we can be in step with all that they are learning to help reinforce it at home. This month I am very grateful for your logo,it is well thought out and I hope our Sisters will feel as inspired as I was. Have a great day - Harmony (Riverside 5th Ward)