Saturday, February 2, 2013

Abby's a star

Abby was the star student for the week this last week.
We made a poster about all of her favorite things so that she could share them with the class.
  • her family (of course)
  • being born (there's a sonogram picture)
  • horses
  • Molly (our dog we left in NC)
  • her new umbrella
  • Disney
  • her 5th birthday
  • taking pictures (notice the model pose)
  • ice skating or really just being pushed on the ice
  • bowling
  • jumping on the tramp in NC
  • going to the beach
  • her Daddy
  • Mom being with her at school volunteering
  • taking walks with Dad
  • Great Grandma Phillips (who is 94!)
  • G & G Phillips
  • G & G Whitaker
  • and cooking (one pic is from Christmas and the other is from when she was a baby.  If you look closely, she has a tiny rolling pin in her hand)

I tried to take a video of her sharing her poster on Thurs. but my "cloud" was full.
The best part was that Dad was there for her special day.
She kept telling her friends, "this is my Dad", but seeing as that he was the only man in the room,
it wasn't hard to figure it out.

A star for a week at school, but a star forever at home.

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