Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jewelry as wall art project

I've not been posting much lately because I've got the organization bug.
Once Christmas was over and I set my goals for the year, being more organized was at the top of the list.  I know that I was working on it a little before and showed you how I was
going to tackle the garage.
Well, it turns out that as I'm doing the garage, it has been spilling into every other room
of the house.  Books needed to come out of the garage so there needed to be shelves, etc, etc.
So I'll start showing you a few that I've been working on.
Nothing is totally finished but I have to start somewhere.

The jewelry project actually has no connection to the garage, it just bugged me. 
I thought a jewelry "tree" on my dresser would be nice so that I could see everything and make choices easier.  It ended up looking just like a blob.
So I saw online the picture idea and loved it.  So before Christmas, I made my own.
It got everything off my dresser and made them easier to see.

 I got the frame, as is, from The Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $8.
Then I just used foam board because I had it on hand, covered it with some cute fabric from my collection,  cut a section of chicken wire to bend around it and secured it in the frame with duct tape (no one is going to see the back and I'm all 
for using what I have, plus it keeps the wire from scratching the wall).

Cup hooks for the necklaces, hoop earrings, and a couple bracelets.

 I then found the ceramic egg tray at Home Goods to use for my studs and others that wouldn't hang.

I love  being able to see my things.  But as I write this, things are changing in my room.
Joseph bought me the king size bed that I always wanted for our anniversary in November.
Our closet is also really inefficient as well as our dressers, so things are changing there as well.
I'll post again when my jewelry creations finally have their resting place.

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  1. I've got the bug, too. I totally know what you mean. Cute jewelry storage. You must have gotten a whole lot more earrings in the last year or so! They are cute too!