Sunday, March 24, 2013

A wedding and a mission call

We are so excited for two of our nephews!!

Adam, Julie's (sister) son is getting married in June to a wonderful girl, Jess.
Remember when we thought he was lost?  Well, that triggered a realization
from Jess (she was just a friend at that time), that her worry was more than just a friendly
concern.  Their relationship quickly took off from there.  They will be sealed as a family in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, South Jordan, Utah (Salt Lake Valley).
We are so happy that Adam's night in the canyon had more than one happy ending!

Justin, Tammy's (sister-in-law) son, just opened his missionary call this evening.  
Tammy's house was so full of people there to support him that they had to take it outside
 to the backyard.  We were all thrilled to here that he would be called to the
New Zealand, Hamilton, english speaking mission and will be going straight there on August 1.
How exciting!

We love it when there's good news all around!!

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