Wednesday, March 27, 2013

San Diego Zoo day + some icky

Day 3 of spring break took us to the zoo.
We only got to see about half of it (more tomorrow) since Dad had to leave.  He had to drive back
to LA for a board meeting but is on his way back here as I type this.
So after he left, I took the kids to the downtown mall.
It didn't take long for Rachel and Bekah to go off on their own while me
and the three younger kids did our own thing.
There weren't many shops for them but we found some great chess and checker games.
It was especially nice since it was an open-air mall and other families and complete strangers were taking advantage of the oversized boards.  It was a definite attraction.

The exciting end of our excursion came when we sat down to eat our dinner.
Abby looked at me with a strange face and her hand close to her mouth
 so I stopped everything I was doing and asked her if she was alright.
She said yes then . . .
you parents can guess what I'm about to say
because I'm sure every parent has experienced what happens after they see that face, . . .
she proceeded to throw up.
Remember Monday's picture of her sleeping it off?  Well, after that, she was back to her normal self until that very moment at the mall.  The funny thing is that after getting sick, she immediately started to cry.  But it wasn't because she was sick but because she knew she wouldn't
 be able to swim in the hotel pool.  Sadly, she was right.
Thankfully, Rachel cleaned her up while me and the other kids cleaned the table and found
the mall janitor to clean up the rest.
We packed up the rest of our food and headed for the hotel.
The good news is that she is back to her perky little self, as though nothing ever happened.
She reassured me that she was fine with not swimming now because
 she forgot that she could watch TV for the rest of the night.  So glad we could accommodate.
I wonder what the rest of the week will bring?

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