Saturday, March 23, 2013

The kids Expedit book cases

Tonight our "kids' room" was put to good use.
Rachel invited a bunch of kids over to hang out and watch a movie.  There was quite the noise coming from "downstairs" (4 stairs to be exact).  We've always tried to have someplace for them to bring friends and I've often fantasized about a room with a soda fountain, jukebox, and plenty of room to play games or dance.  At the pace we're going, maybe Abby will benefit from my dreams someday.  
For now, the room we have for the kids is evolving.  
Before (no pictures) I only had one of the bookshelves shown.
It was laying sideways with the big TV on top of it.
Then we had our old "tube" TV on the ground next to it for the kids to play games on.
Cords and boxes were everywhere.  It was a mess.

So I bought another Expedit from Ikea, stood them both upright and bought a long entertainment piece also from Ikea for the big TV and Dad's old small flat screen for the games.
They fit perfectly!
So now we have room for the kids books as well instead of keeping them in their rooms.
The bins hold video games, exercise videos, family videos, and kids videos, plus accessories for the games.

We've actually got the room backwards from what the original owners planned it.
That slate step up is supposed to be a raised platform for movie chairs.
The other side of the room is equipped for a large screen to be pulled down from the ceiling.
But we use that side for our exercise stuff (not so pretty).  We also use this room for guests so both the big and little couch are pull out beds.

Well, I guess it's time for the kids to go home.
The house is quiet again.
That's my signal to go to bed.
Good Night!

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