Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jacob sent us some pictures!

Jacob seems to be doing great on his mission.
He gets more positive with each letter we get, which is every week.
He's been faithful in writing, albeit with no so many words.
He's never been one to use too many.
In his last letter, he said that they are slowly building a list of people to teach.
Thankfully, I've bugged him enough about pictures, that he is finally sending us more.
If you'll notice in the pictures below, they even had a baptism.
Lest you think that they are all work and not play, the picture just below is on an activity day where all the missionaries in their area get together to do some fun things.
His group tried to spell Bessemer (the area in Alabama they are in).
I think they ran out of people and the second "E" got distracted.
Jacob is the bottom of the last "E".  He's laying out on the grass.
And if you look closely, the "M" is just girls (sister missionaries).

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