Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mormon Helping Hands weekend

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to work along side other Mormons as we served our community.  It was a day of "Mormon Helping Hands" across the church.
You might have seen the bright yellow vests here or there.  Each community, where ever they may
be, had a service project for the members of the church to participate in.  
Ours has become a yearly cleaning of  San Pedro.
Several people asked us who we were and thanked us for helping out.
I can say we truly felt it was a pleasure to be of service.

Abby started off ready and willing to help clean.
But after about 15 minutes, the gloves came off, literally, and she became the sweeper.
Then she became the carrier of the water bottle.
Every little bit helps, right?

The only time I can get Matthew to smile for a picture is during our portraits.
What is it with boys and taking pictures!
That lady behind him sweeping her porch was one of those who was curious about who we were.

 This is one of the very interesting things we found along our way.

As a reward, we went to IHop for brunch.

This kinda funny looking clown (the kids thought he looked creepy, I think it's the hair) made the girls
some balloon animals.  Although he wasn't very chipper or funny, he was really very good
at making his shapes without popping the balloons.
We watched him for a long time at another table make Hello Kitty with a dress and all.
Pretty cool!

Matthew got another merrit badge and is getting closer to working on his Eagle for scouts.
We have just a few items left.

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