Monday, May 27, 2013

Joseph's home from China!

Joseph's home! Yea!
After a month of traipsing through China and Thailand he's finally home.
To tell you the truth, I was reeeaaally nervous about him taking this trip .  We knew
a little about China since my dad travels there every year for his business. So the first
part in China with his choir was not as nerve racking as his trip to Thailand.
We even made him contact the embassy there to let them know his travel plans
and give them phone numbers.  From things we had read, there are threats of terrorism
over there all the time.  So a couple of young Americans who didn't speak
 the language seemed like a target to us.
Thankfully, they didn't meet with any difficulties and had a great time.
He even got to ride an elephant!
I'm grateful for his willingness to try new things and expand his knowledge of the world.
The mom in me just wishes that he could do it here in America. :)
Now we get to enjoy having him home for a couple of weeks so he can be
here for Rachel and Matthew's graduations.

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  1. What a neat thing for him to do. I don't think I would be able to let my son go off to Thailand, you are such a good brave mom.

    I also wanted to stop by and thank you for your lovely supportive comment on my graduation post. That was really nice. Thank you.