Monday, May 6, 2013

Mormon Prom at the Aquarium

The time has finally come and gone for Mormon Prom.
There was so much planning on both the adult's and youth's part.
Or should I say girls' because we all know what goes into getting ready for a big event.

Everything went really smooth throughout the night.
We started with by meeting at a beautiful home on the cliffs so that we could take pictures, eat,
check for modesty (everyone was 100%), and get in groups to ride to the prom.

Rachel invited a bunch of her theatre friends from school.  They took the whole modesty thing very seriously and soon discovered how hard it is these days to do that.  But they did a great job!
They had such a great time that they want to come back next year!

The prom was held at the Long Beach Aquarium, which turned out to be a fabulous choice.
The kids could eat dinner, candy at the candy bar, take a boat ride,  take pictures at the various photo booths, walk around to see the exhibits, play games, and of course dance.

There were quite a few dark corners, so there were plenty of chaperones to keep the kids safe, if you know what I mean.  Joseph and I got to be chaperones, so we dressed all in black, brought our coats and comfortable shoes  because our "zone" was outside covering the area around the
seals, penguins, and manta rays.
We only had a couple of kids who were waaayyy too focused on each other.  But other than
them, the kids were laughing and having a great time.

All together, there were 16 Stakes, or areas, involved and 890 people (I think the chaperones were included in that number).  What a feat!!  They pulled it off beautifully!
Who says youth can't find good wholesome fun?!

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