Saturday, June 8, 2013

3 graduates in a week and 1 on the way

Schools out!!
And we have 3 new graduates!
The first was Matthew on Wednesday afternoon.
We weren't sure what to expect since we've not been to many large middle
school graduations.  Most of them in the past were in gyms and very simple.
But here, nothing is simple and there isn't anything big enough for the large crowd that comes. So
we sat in rented chairs on the soccer field behind the school.  The biggest
question was what to wear.  You would think that June would mean summer dresses and 
strappy shoes but the "marine layer" had been bringing breezes off the ocean 
and fog blocking the sunshine.  
Well, we should have worn parkas because by the end of the ceremony we were popsicles.
I guess you have to be raised here to enjoy it because there actually were ladies without sleeves
and girls in mini-skirts.  Crazy!!
But since we are wimps and just live down the street, we sent Rachel home to get blankets. 

Doesn't Matthew look sharp!!  He's such a great kid!!

The next morning was Esther's "graduation".  
We used to just get our report card saying that we could go to middle school, but today
the kids get certificates and a special ceremony.
We were more than happy to honor our Esther's accomplishments
Thankfully, it was all inside!

Then later that day we attended Rachel's big day.  
As you can imagine she's been so excited for this.  You could just see the stress of school melt
away as the day got closer.  I loved seeing her smiley and laughing out loud.

As for the rest of us, we went a little better prepared with warmer clothes and blankets.
Nevertheless, Abby thought she was dying and became a puddle of tears.
So after Rachel walked, we took shelter at ground level by the bleachers.

I have such wonderful kids!
We've had a wonderful week with family around
and celebrating the kids accomplishing their goals.

I know it should be old hat having a child graduate from high school
and plan on leaving home especially since I've done it 3 times already.
But part of me feels kind of weird.
Our house is going to be so different without Rachel.
We get a taste of it this week because she's flown across country to visit her old friends
in North Carolina for a week.  They are all going to the beach there to celebrate
their graduation.  It sure is comforting to have faith in your children to go places,
but it's not comforting to think of all the crazy people they may come in contact with.
But I guess if my Joseph can go to China, and Sarah can go to Europe (in the fall), then I
guess Rachel can go to NC.

Graduation #4 is coming soon.  In July, Sarah will be our first college graduate!
It's hard to believe but she will be done!
More on that later this summer . . . 
Off to bed I go so that I be prepared for our plumbing to be fixed in the morning
4 toilets - 3 toilets + 15 people = Aaahhhhh!!!!!

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