Sunday, July 28, 2013

Don't you want us to be happy?

We were driving back to Salt Lake City from Idaho and Abby's giving me the play by play of what her animals are doing and saying.  It's been a constant this week whenever we get in the car. Needless to say her stories are long and intricate.  As she was telling me the story of her bear's birth (yep she has a story for that) The situation of being a captive audience for the endless stories seemed funny to me. I started laughing the kind of laugh that brings tears to your eyes. Joseph joined my laughter thinking it was at the story (he had tuned it out). I tried to explain myself to him when Abby, knowing we are laughing at her, says, "I can hear you!"  Oh my goodness that didn't help us. We just laughed louder. Once we got it under control we assured her that we weren't laughing at her.  "We're just being happy"

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