Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our weekend away . . . kind of

Last weekend, Dad and I had a business trip for the annual strategic planning meeting.
He worked all day, I played/rested, then we shmoozed all evening.

Remember this hotel room last year?
Well, this year's hotel, the St. Regis, was in Dana Point, near Laguna Beach.
Of course it was a beautiful place (the Board doesn't go any place shabby).
Our room overlooked the back of the hotel with its balconies, lawns, and the pool (yes, that is the swimming pool pictured above).
To my delight, we even got to witness a wedding before our first nice dinner.
It was beautiful!
It's funny that I got a picture of the bride but didn't get a picture of my new outfit for the evening.
I felt pretty good that night with no picture to show it.  Oh well!
The funny thing is that we discovered that the last night we were supposed to dress up too, but I only brought something casual.
That meant we had to go shopping for a new dress. . . darn!
Joseph came along, and although it was awkward to have him there at first, 
he was very helpful in sharing his opinion about what looked good.
I felt good than night too, but sadly, no pictures.
So the only picture you see above is of me in my most comfortable dress
that I brought to wear on the way home Sunday (not the most flattering).

If you were wondering, Rachel, who is about to turn 18, was the sitter at home, with the help of Bekah.
People at the meeting were astonished that we would
trust an 18-hr-old for 3 full days without any adults checking on them.
It felt good to say that we trusted her and believed she would do a good job and that Bekah
would help whenever she was needed.
And yes, they did beautifully-the kids were safe, driven to where they needed to go, and
no wild parties were had at our house.
Was there any question?
Thanks girls!

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