Friday, January 31, 2014

Stop the twerking!

I'm feeling bold today....
enough with twerking!
What is it that makes us, the human race, want to debase ourselves for the sake of fun, humor, or attention.  It is beneath who we are.  It's beneath even those who have already debased themselves publicly and otherwise (your favorite entertainer included).  We are all God's children. It saddens me to see good christians and even Mormons, knowing who they are, following this trend as though its funny or the next great dance craze.  It's not!  Don't let it be!  Don't give it another thought, word, joke, Facebook comment, or especially any place at your next dance.  Don't do it!  Don't watch the Youtubes.  Let's just not give it any place in our world.  We have so much other garbage to deal with, we don't need to add to the pile.

You may think that it's no big deal, but it certainly was when it started.  Didn't we all gasp and make a big fuss about how inappropriate it is?  That's how it happens.  We push it away and then slowly accept it into our lives as normal.  If you think it's no big deal then you've already been sucked in.  It's happened to me before too.
It's not too late!
Let's push back!

There, I've said my piece.  There's more to be said, but I'll stop.  Your eyebrows maybe raised or knit together at the moment.  You might agree or you might not.  We all have our freedom.  I hope that my kids will take note and put serious thought into the matter.  I don't voice my opinion on this blog often but I felt strongly today that I wanted to share this one. 

 We are all so much more than what the world would have us think.

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