Saturday, April 5, 2014

Watching General Conference--some of it sticks!!

As parents, we strive so hard to teach our children what is right and good, hoping that
someday they will embrace those things that are most important.
Since day one, the most important truth that we've tried to teach our kids is the
truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Part of that process was and is gleaning spiritual direction from prophets of God.
We do that formally twice a year when we watch General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (watch it here)

So after all the years of spreading blankets, in front of the TV, on the living room floor, surrounded by "Conference Bingo", popcorn, crayons, paper and pencils , it's thrilling to look
up and see my children embracing what has always been important to us.

Joseph got to do something that I always wanted to do, sing in the choir seats at conference.
He was part of the UVU Institute Choir that sang in the afternoon session.  He
even told us that it was something he always wanted to do too.  I'm sure he sounded beautiful
cause he has a much nicer voice than I could ever have.
How awesome is that!!
 Then of course, last weekend, it was Women's Conference.  Me, Bekah, and Esther actually
went to the church to watch it with other women and have a light dinner so that we
could support one another.  And to my surprise, while we were singing a song, they panned
the audience and there was Rachel!!
I exclaimed out loud, "There's Rachel!!  See there she is!!"  I turned around to
see if the girls saw her and they both looked mortified that I called out so loud.
I don't think they will understand until they are older, how thrilling it is
to see your children taking part in such an important meeting.

So to those of you who still have small ones at home (I still do) and sometimes think "what's the use in watching?  They're too young.  They're not even paying attention.  I have to keep waking them up or they don't understand", I say, just keep trying. 
 Some of it actually sticks!

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