Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Playing in the rain turned into a salvage mission

Those of you who have been to Rexburg, Idaho know that the 
weather patterns can be kind of extreme.
It can be either really really cold or really really hot,
blow you over wind or stifling stillness.
I guess this year the rain wanted to be in the mix because it flooded the town.

Rachel is finishing her first year there, living in an apartment just off campus.
She said they were having fun just playing in the rain when
they realized the water was flooding apartments.
And wouldn't ya know, last semester she was on the 2nd floor, but this
semester she was on the ground floor, which happens to be 3 feet below ground level.
The water has to go somewhere,
 so down it went.

Those are her apartments to the left.  Thankfully she doesn't have a car right now.

This is her apartment.
She said that they tried to put the couch against the door
 so the water wouldn't come in
but it didn't work.
The door cracked and flew open allowing the water to come gushing in.

They tried to salvage what they could but most everything was lost.
Thankfully it was just stuff.  No one was hurt and hopefully they will continue to be safe.
I've told Rachel several times now to keep shoes on to take
good showers afterwards.
Housing will be putting them in other apartments complexes for now.
The funny thing is that they were supposed to check out of their apartments next week.
And I guess the contract we have with them will be changed as well.
A lot of things are in the air right now.
We do know that our insurance will pay for the things she lost.
Unfortunately, (or fortunately) she's experiencing this emotional 
toll at an early age and fortunately it's with just a few things.
If anything, it will be a great story to tell her kids!

"...and all things wherewith you have been afflicted shall work together for your good..."
D&C 98:3

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