Monday, October 20, 2014


I can officially say that Jacob comes home NEXT week!!
The handsome young man in the picture next to Jacob is his cousin Kyle who came home last week.    Since he left just before him, Kyle was able to be Jacob's escort into the Missionary Training Center (MTC), which is around the time they took this picture.  He went to Wyoming while Jacob went down South to Alabama.  They say that Kyle even grew a couple inches while on his mission.  They are both pretty tall so it will be interesting to see if Jacob grew any.

It seems a bit surreal.  On the one hand, it feels like we just sent him off, but on the other hand, it's been FOREVER (well, 2 years) that we've seen him.  I've loved getting his weekly emails but I sure do want to hear things first hand.  Since he doesn't like to write, I know there are so many more stories that he didn't tell us about.  And the pictures!!  I look forward to seeing them as well!

Did you catch that it's NEXT WEEK!!
Okay, good.  Just making sure....

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