Thursday, January 29, 2015

Great camera app!!

Ya know how you're out and about without your nice camera but have your cell phone camera?  
You see a  beautiful sunset and want to not only take a picture of the sunset but of the family members who are with you, but your cell phone camera does a hideous job of capturing both?
Exhibit A . . .

(Esther is not amused)
Well, I have found this really cool app to solve this problem because it can handle both. 

This app will take two pictures of the scene, adjust the color and lighting both near and far, then blends both together for a much better picture.  (Don't I sound technical?)  It doesn't even use your flash.
Exhibit B . . .

The trickiest part is getting your subjects to hold still or else they will look fuzzy or ghost like.  In the picture above, I had to tell them to be still until the camera was done processing (not too long).  Even though there was a slight breeze, the girls' hair still looks pretty sharp.  
Here are the pictures side by side.

Big difference!!

Now this evening, I went on a walk with Roxie and tried to take a shot using the same app.
She had a little more difficulty staying still (go figure!)
It looks like she has a "spirit dog" standing in front of her.
So unless you like that, I wouldn't use this app for small children and dogs.
(I think I'm going to play with it and see if I can get some ghosties and cool affects)

After you take the photo, you can also edit it with sliders before you save it.
(My photos above were not adjusted)
All in all, it's one of my favorite phone apps for taking pictures.

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