Sunday, May 8, 2016

Missionary Momma Moment

Isn't technology a wonderful thing!!
We got to hear from our missionary daughter (bottom left) today over Skype.
Then one by one we added our other children so it was like we were 
all sitting in the same room together!
I love it when we're together!!

Matthew and Abby haven't moved out, they just went in the other room cause there wasn't enough space.  It made for a great family pyramid.  Everyone has Skype face.

The only one not present was our oldest Joseph, who had to work.  We managed to put him on speaker phone while he was on break, so it's all good.

Bekah is doing really well and so happy.  It seems like an eternity since she left but it's only been 4 months!!  Of course when we saw her it was like yesterday.  She's still our sweet Bekah, although now she's called Sister Whitaker.

She and her companion were at the home of a young family in the their ward.  At one point in the conversation, the family's young son, 3-4 yrs old, walks up behind Bekah and sees us all on the computer screen.  It takes him a minute, but he realizes that his grandma might be in our Skype session too.  He insisted that he talk with her until his mom escorted him into the other room.  If we weren't so limited on time with Whitaker, he probably would have fit right in.

I'm so grateful that Skyping on Mother's Day has become a tradition.  
Next gab fest will be December 25!

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