Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rachel is Sweet 16!

Wow, it's hard to believe that my little sunshine girl is 16!  It happened on Tues but I've been unable to write anything til now.  It seems appropriate since her birthday has continued throughout the week.  But it started on Tues with a big party that she invited all her friends to.  It was at a nearby park in what seemed like 100 degree heat.  That couldn't dampen her spirits though.  The party was a hit, I think, except for our decorations.  Poor planning on my part (the pavilion was too big for what I bought).  Anyway, the kids played volleyball, danced, ate and just talked.  Rachel did a great job trying to talk with everyone.  It was heart warming to see how these kids cared for her.  I don't blame them!

talking with big brother Jacob (they miss each other)

Bekah got to come and bring her friend Kathrine.

The Cupid Shuffle

We have another princess in the family (actually  there's 6 cause I count too)

I'm so grateful that Rachel is a part of our family.  Her smile and optimism has been a blessing in our family.  Happy sweet 16 to my sweet Rachel!

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