Sunday, July 10, 2011

YW handout-Obedience, manual 3

Our lesson today in Young Women's was on obedience. 
Many think that we blindly obey God or the prophets, but really we obey because we've learned to love and trust them through our experiences with them.  Also, I love that through obedience we can become free to progress further than we can ever progress on our own (God has promised to bless us if we choose the right).  So through our choice to obey, we then choose to be the architects of our lives or
"life is what you make it". 

You can find the complete lesson here.

This is a 4X6 handout that I made for the girls in the Young Women's program for our lesson on Obedience.  You can save by right clicking then "save as" to your files.

I used items from "City Slickers" kit from

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