Saturday, July 9, 2011

Princess party for Princess Abi

Abi is one of those little girls who loves all things princess, which is appropriate cause she often acts like a princess (which might have something to do with being treated like one)  Anyway, we decided to go with that for her birthday .  I even ventured so far as to make her a castle!  The kids all helped bake, ice and construct. 
She loved it!  It's good that she is only 4 cause she didn't care this it all crashed to the floor just 2 minutes before this picture.  I almost cried.  The kids helped put it back together and we used skewers to help hold the turrets in place.  We quickly took pictures then moved on to the fun.  The sad part is that she didn't even want a piece to eat!  4-year-olds!!

Layered strawberry cake, white icing, castle kit (plastic turrets), piped decorations.  The kit actually called for fondant but we didn't have any, so we used icing instead.
Of course presents are more fun than cake.

Esther made a teddy bear for Abi. So cute!

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  1. Sometimes you wonder why you go to the trouble!
    Very nice cake though, at least you got a before pic!!