Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1st day of school in CA

We survived the first day!  We managed to get everyone to where they needed to be and each of the kids met new people. They all had classes that they seem excited about.  It was only a half day (a get to know you day) so Abi and I only had a couple of hours to ourselves.  Abi watched a movie while I returned some calls (Tammy I'll call you tomorrow, promise).

Home Sweet Home (for now).
A couple of interesting things learned in school today:
  • There isn't a dress code at the High School.  It was told to me that as long as they didn't show their "private parts" they can wear it.  Interesting...you would think that with such high academic standards that they would have better dress standards.  That being said, it doesn't seem to affect their testing scores.  Rachel had a couple of kids in her class that have already taken the SAT with a score of 800. Short shorts didn't distract them, I guess.
  • The kids also heard cursing in the classroom that didn't affect anyone, especially not the teacher because they were the ones doing it!  They didn't correct the kids when they did it either.  Interesting....
  • There seems to be a lot of "it's up to you" type attitude, which I like.  
  • There are no buses in this district only shuttle buses.  Parents drop off and pick up their kids which makes for major traffic and terrible parking.
  • Parking? what parking?  I'm so glad we got rid of Bertha (our bus) because she wouldn't have fit in very well here.  I'm having a hard enough time with my rented Suburban.
  • As much as I hated filling out papers today, I'm so thankful that they do them all at once.  We even ordered class pictures today, signed up for volunteering for the year, and gave donations (they don't do fund raisers! Yea!) among many others.  
  • Lastly, I think we can all breath a little better now.  The unknown has been seen.  

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