Wednesday, August 31, 2011

today's report

  • Each morning we wake to fog that clears around 9-10.  They have what's called "June gloom" but apparently it's happening in August this year too.  I'm still waiting to see one of those great sunsets they keep telling me about.
  • We've seen an awful lot of skinny women.  It's made me a little self conscious since I haven't exercised from the time this move began (3 weeks now).  I'm complete mush.
  • Rachel hasn't seen many girls at school wearing t-shirts.  I guess we're not in Davie County anymore.
  • Each of the schools have open looking campuses. They are even allowed to go anywhere on campus after lunch, which is outside, as long as they follow the rules. The high school itself, feels like a college campus to me.  Their lockers are all outside and during lunch they have big speakers playing music.  Sounds fun huh? 

The girls are happy before the shots.

Abi and I enjoyed the outdoors while waiting for our laundry.

This is the view from Esther's school.  Pretty nice, huh?

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