Sunday, August 21, 2011

2 house possibilities

Per the request of my children, I'm posting some pics of a couple houses that are possibles.  Unfortunately, I again forgot to take pictures while actually in the house.  So Joseph and I went back on our own and could only take outside shots of two of the houses.  The third is behind a gate that we couldn't get through.  But I posted the backyard of that house a couple posts ago.

Below is the first house, which is close to the high school.  The living area is great, especially the kitchen.  We could fit our family and then some.  The yard is what is lacking, but it is "do-able".  Joseph's in the pics so that there is a point of reference.  Pictures can be deceiving, we have found.  And in the top right photo, you'll see a white fence at the bottom of the hill, peeking through the trees.  That is a riding trail for horses that runs through the community.
 And because of my forgetfulness, we are stuck with this lame pic of the kitchen, window screen and all.  The kitchen, dining and family room all run together.  Very open.
 The following is probably the most practical house.  Again, I forgot to take pictures inside, so for now these will have to do (When we went back to take pictures, a guy was washing his car across the street so we felt we couldn't "stalk" the house and peek through the windows). What's nice about this house is that it has huge living areas, a bigger level backyard with a playground already there.  It's on a cul-de-sac and walking distance from the middle school.
 This is the neighborhood that it is in with the middle school two blocks away.
We are at LAX at the moment waiting for our 11 pm flight home (ugh).  The kids are in bed at home and won't see this til tomorrow.  By then, we'll be in NC and I can show them the full details.  But here it is just in case they wake up before we get there.  Love you!!  See you  soon!

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